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Fancy Feast Nutrient Composition

PURINAOver the past year or so I was dealing with a cat going through end stages of CRF. Basically the kidneys start shutting down and the cats toxicity levels rise making it nauseous. When a cat gets nauseous they start attributing sick feelings with the food they ate so its hard to feed a CRF cat one type of prescription low phosphorous food all the time. Eventually they just stop eating so you need to coax them into eating something. That said, I went looking around for things I could get at a moments notice if I had to.

When I went looking for dry matter analysis or nutritional composition I noticed that people like Purina don’t really post this kind of information online. They just put a very light overview of whats in their product. I contacted them asking them about it and a few weeks later this is what showed up in the mail:

Purina Fancy Feast Nutrient Composition – May 2009

Yeah, I know… Apparently Purina has not heard of this newfangled thing called “internets” yet. I figured I’d try and save others the trouble/wait if they were interested in this information.