Fancy Feast Nutrient Composition

PURINAOver the past year or so I was dealing with a cat going through end stages of CRF. Basically the kidneys start shutting down and the cats toxicity levels rise making it nauseous. When a cat gets nauseous they start attributing sick feelings with the food they ate so its hard to feed a CRF cat one type of prescription low phosphorous food all the time. Eventually they just stop eating so you need to coax them into eating something. That said, I went looking around for things I could get at a moments notice if I had to.

When I went looking for dry matter analysis or nutritional composition I noticed that people like Purina don’t really post this kind of information online. They just put a very light overview of whats in their product. I contacted them asking them about it and a few weeks later this is what showed up in the mail:

Purina Fancy Feast Nutrient Composition – May 2009

Yeah, I know… Apparently Purina has not heard of this newfangled thing called “internets” yet. I figured I’d try and save others the trouble/wait if they were interested in this information.

Converting the site

It has begunIts been a while since I last bothered updating any personal websites of mine. I seem to get enough of this type of thing at work to want to come home and do anything other than tinker around with things. Truth be told, I’m never not at work which is probably my biggest problem I guess. So against my better judgment, I decided to throw up wordpress in case I had anything to post.

I still seem to be getting quite a few hits on my notes, howto’s, example’s for tomcat, java, apache, mod_jk, mod_jk2, etc sections. I killed all that because its so old at this point that I’m sure there is current, thus better, information elsewhere on the internet.